March 31, 2019

Mystic River Falls (SDC)

Time to check back in with the New Riverfront progress.  One thing you'll notice, there's a lot of water in the "new" Lake Silver.

The island where the sump pump was located is still there, but is pumpless.

If you look just past the brush (behind the Toy Store) you will see a new foundation is being created.  It appears that the area around the food court will push its boundary out into the former Lake.

Here is that new foundation.  You'll see some rebar noodles sticking up in the air here at the farthest point out into the Lake.

There is still a major earth berm separating the "new" Lake and the new river rapids ride area.  No word yet on if that berm will become a permanent fixture.

The foundation at the back of the construction site continues to grow.

It'll be interesting to see exactly what all this new foundation will house.  While we have guessed that this will be the load/unload station in the past, we are starting to think there might be more to it than just that.

The flats used to build cement troughs for the new ride are all piled up at the moment.

The completed trough has really grown since our last visit.

You'll notice that it now extends back near the cliff of Wilson's Farm

It passes right behind the "Kansas Restrooms" as well.  We sure hope they hide the back of this building with a bush or some decorations.

Here's a decent look at what is completed at this point.  Just to the right of the green lift, there is a massive hole that they've dug.  We'll have to monitor that to see what happens there.

Here's that extremely tight turn.  The pathway next to Dockside is just over that fence.  They are really putting this ride close to the midways.

Another look at that curve.  We noticed that the bottom of the trough is banked in to the curve

The straight away that leads into the curve.

The section just past the restrooms heading towards Wilson's Farm has its banks already filled in

This curve near the Wilson's Farm cliffs is also filled in.  It was dug out still on our previous visit.

Another look at that area.

Where the green lift is sitting, is approximately where the old Rib House used to be located.

Here's where the trough currently ends.  The large hole is just out of view to the left of this photo.

Here you can see some of the hole.  It's much deeper closer to the cliff wall.
Still a lot of land here to work with.

We wanted to point out that the foundation that they'er building at the back of the construction site appears to be 2 levels high.  We think that there might be a pump room included here.

From the train

From the train, another look at that foundation.

Finally, from the train, a look at that new foundation by the Riverfront Food Court that shows just how far out it has pushed into the Lake.