March 20, 2019

Rowdy Bear Mountain Glider


The second attraction at the Rowdy Bear Mountain Adventure Complex is the Mountain Glider.

This attraction is a "first of its kind"

After getting into a harness (much like what you'd expect on a zipline course) you sit on this bench and are lifted into position.

After being attached to the ride apparatus, the seat is lowered back down and you are suspended.

There are actually two different courses.  The one closest to the queue area is faster than the one farthest away.  This is the lift hill for both tracks.  For the riders with longer legs, you might actually have to "walk up" while your apparatus is lifted up the chain lift.

Both sides start out rather mild with some small drops and straight away sections.  Then things get crazy as you hit your first major curves, which cause you to really swing out.

Next, you fly right over the station.

Then you go into a helix section.

Finally, you come in pretty hot into the station where an attendant "catches" you.

After they "catch" you, they will guide you forward to the unload station.

The station is equipped with two platforms for each track so that a rider can be loaded and unloaded at the same time.  Only one rider is allowed out on a track at a time (one per side). 

 Personal thoughts on the attraction.  I liked the faster track better, but I honestly do not need to ride it again.  It's an interesting concept, but not the most comfortable of ride experience