March 10, 2019

Skyscraper (The Tracks)

Progress has ramped up at Track 3 at the Skyscraper construction site.

This will be the new ticketing booth for the attraction

Panning to the left you can see the new bridge to get to the "island" in the middle of the go-cart track where Skyscraper will reside.

Here's another look at the installation of that bridge.

The parts for Skyscraper are being staged for installation.

The arms (blades) for the ride finally came in, so the ride itself should go vertical any day now.

Here's a better look at those arms (blades).  The ride capsules will go at the end of each of these.

Like stated above, this ride should be going vertical any day now.

Special thanks to sanddunerider for the photos for today's update.