July 7, 2016

Cedar Point

Welcome to Cedar Point

I have always loved the main midway of this park

The first coaster of the day is GateKeeper

This large wing coaster towers over the front of the park.

The coolest part of this coaster is how it soars over the front gate of the park

Next door is the large Huss built Maxair

Also in this area is the very tall Windseeker

Also in the area is Wicked Twister - a guilty pleasure of mine.
I just love impulse coasters.

Let's go check out some more of the park

Time to ride a classic - the Blue Streak

Raptor is still a high quality inverted rollercoaster

I love the new paint job on the ride

Time to take a spin on Cedar Point's new toy - Valravn

The coaster fits in perfectly where they placed it

The thing roars around the midway,

The park has a major hit on their hands

Next up was Rougarou - the former standup Mantis.

It is now a floorless coaster and a much better ride

Iron Dragon is a classic and a must ride for me

Corkscrew is another classic - but it hurts me

Power Tower sort of gets overshadowed at this park

Top Thrill Dragster is still just as crazy as ever

This ride is so intense.  Just don't ride in the front at night. YUCK!

I wish Magnum loved me as much as I want to love it

The bunny hops absolutely kill my legs thanks to those restraints

So apparently Pipe Scream is a rollercoaster.  Mmkay

Time to ride my favorite coaster in the world

Yes, it is probably grossly overrated, but I just love the speed this thing has

It's just a lot of fun - and that's a big thing for me when rating coasters

There are some really cool areas at Cedar Point - like this Fort

Choo Choo!!!

Snake River Falls was pretty popular today - it was hot

Cedar Creek Mine Ride was jarring itself around the track today.

Such a waste of wood - Mean Streak

Guys I have a confession.

I like Maverick now with the new restraints.

I had an amazing time at Cedar Point today.
I cannot sing enough praises for the Fastlane+ program.

This park is crazy amazing.  It's enormous for one thing.  I cannot even begin to imagine what a first time visitor would feel coming here.