July 2, 2016


Welcome back to Dollywood - they say 3rd times the charm.  
Maybe we'll finally get a ride on the elusive Lightning Rod today

Well it wasn't open yet, so I guess we have time to check out other things

I believe I can fly - or at least ride Barnstormer

I love the church

It was warm today - so the water rides were very popular with the park guests

Daredevil Falls looks worse than it really is

Smoky Mountain Rampage is always a crowd favorite

Blazing Fury is always a must ride for me

Tennessee Tornado is getting a little rough
but is still not the roughest coaster at the park

Wild Eagle remains the best coaster at the park

This coaster is just a lot of fun - Firechaser Express

Almost forgot - there is one more water ride,  River Battle

Mystery Mine time

I really want to like this coaster - because the theme is fun, but it beats the crap out of me

Another coaster that beats the crap out of you - Thunderhead

Lightning Rod is still not open - let's ride the Dollywood Express

All right.  I refuse to leave the park without riding Lightning Rod this time

It's testing.  That's a good sign, right?

Hooray I made it into the queue area.  Fingers crossed.

A train heading out to the launch area.

This coaster is crazy.  I love the quadruple down before this element

I got two rides on it during the course of the day.
It's a fun ride.  I wish it was more reliable.