July 1, 2016

Hurricane Bay

Welcome to Hurricane Bay - Kentucky Kingdom's waterpark

These photos were taken from the Giant Skywheel

Looks like a lot of fun - let's go explore


Big Surf Wavepool

Mega Wedgie (yeah I can't say the name without snickering)

Splash Zone

Calypso Run (green) Waikiki Wipeout (red) Kilawaya (blue)

Family Wave Lagoon

Adventure River

Deep Water Dive (yellow/orange) Wave Runner (blue)

Plummet Summit

Deluge (water coaster)

At certain times during the day - the Big Kahuna occurs.
This is a period of time that features much larger waves.

Castaway Creek

Forbidden Passage (yellow) VooDoo Express (green)
Vanishing Falls (blue) Conquistador Canyon (orange)

Thanks for a great day