July 1, 2016

Kentucky Kingdom

Welcome to Kentucky Kingdom

Let's start the day off right with Lightning Run

This coaster is basically a baby hypercoaster

It has lots of violent airtime moments

Once you crest the lift hill hold on for dear life.

FearFall is a really good drop tower

Cyclos is an interesting version of a pendulum ride.  Yes, it goes all the way around.

Professor John's Flying Machine was actually "snappable"

Bluebeard's Bounty


The park has an extensive kiddie area

More of King Louie's Playland

Some more of King Louie's Playland

Rounding out the first part of the park - Enterprise

Angry Birds was playing in the 5D Cinema

The last ride of the front part of the park is Himalaya

They have added a new crossing to get to the back part of the park

Welcome to the back part of the park.  Bella Musica Carousel greets you.

Roller Skater is the kiddie coaster of the park

Flying Dutchman

Let's ride another coaster - Thunder Run time

This is the only "real" wooden coaster left at the park

The park did some work on this woodie... somewhere... I think?

I found it to be rougher than it needs to be

Mile High Falls was on the route to my next destination

Let's be honest - this is the reason I am here.  STORM CHASER

Storm Chaser is a RMC conversion of the former Twisted Twins.

You'll notice it is only one coaster now instead of two,

I think RMC did a great job with the conversion considering what they had to work with

I wouldn't put Storm Chaser in the upper echelon of RMC coasters, but it is very fun

Raging Rapids River Ride is still a very wet ride

So from a fun coaster to an absolutely horrible coaster.

They did get new trains for the ride.

Here is the ONLY smooth section of the park

About here is where you realize you made a poor life decision

Here you are just begging for your life to end.

Skycatcher is the park's high swings ride.
Please don't ask me why it's in the middle of the waterpark - I have no idea.

Finally it was time to go up in the Giant Wheel

Front section of the park

Front section of the park

Front section of the park

I had a great time at the park.  Kentucky Kingdom is definitely back!