July 4, 2016

Newport Aquarium

Welcome to Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky
(just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio)

Newport Aquarium is part of Herschend Family Entertainment, the same company
that owns Silver Dollar City, Dollywood and Stone Mountain Park.

Well let's get to looking at some fish and stuff.

As most of your know - we are turtle fans here at MiG - so prepare for
for lots of photos of turtles.  This is a Diamondback Terrapin

Some really cool looking star fish

Touch pool time

Time for an underwater presentation

Yellow Tang

Sea Turtle

Seahorse Kingdom

Ribboned Sea Dragon

Weedy Sea Dragon

Big Bellied Seahorse


Honeycomb Morey Eel

River Ray

Eastern Box Turtle

Chinese Crocodile Lizard

Red Footed Tortoise

American Alligator

White American Alligator

Moon Jellyfish

Time for the underwater tubes


Giant Sea Turtle

Black Tip Reef Shark

Here is the backside of the underwater presentation area

Pretty cool seeing divers in the tank

Shark petting tank


Time to do the Skywalk over the shark tank

Here we go

I am just a few feet over the tank.  This is crazy

Almost halfway across

That was awesome.  Newport Aquarium is a lot of fun and worth a visit.