July 3, 2016

Kings Island

Welcome to Kings Island

Started off the day at Firehawk.  Have to take advantage of short lines

The rain has started back up again - let's go inside and ride Flight of Fear

Still an enjoyable rollercoaster

The rain has let up, let's go explore more of the park

Most of the effects were working for a change on Backlot Stunt Coaster

I actually had a half way decent ride on Vortex today

It wasn't raining when we started to go up, but it was a downpour at the top.

Rain stopped again so rode Racer next

Mine train time.  This ride is a guilty pleasure at this park

Another coaster that I love - the Bat

Time for one of the best inverted coasters in the nation

Going on 3 seasons of thrills now.  Banshee is awesome

More rain and time for lunch?  Let's head into Oktoberfest

Rain stopped again - time for the BEAST

I have come to really like DiamondBack at night

The Beast and DiamondBack at night are a good 1-2 combo

There are rumors that this might be gone next year

More rain moving in - let's go ride Boo Blasters

The rain stopped, let's try to get in these rides before the next wave.
Woodstock's Express will always be Beastie to me

I'm getting better at snapping this brand of flyers

This will always be Runaway Reptar.

Well here comes the rain again.  Let's see if there is a show somewhere

We're in luck

The show is ORIGINS: A Cirque Experience

Basically it is a show modeled after what you would see at Cirque du Soleil

Not bad.  Pretty entertaining

Let's go up in the Tower

Great views up here
The park has really grown up since my first visit here

The lower level was open today due to the weather

Since this is 4th of July Weekend - time for some fireworks

Pretty cool from in front of the fountains

It's even cooler up in the Tower

It was a cool and damp day - but still a lot of fun