July 6, 2016


Welcome to Waldameer

I decided to start off the day with the Wacky Shack

The other dark ride is a walk through Pirate's Cove

Let's take a look at the flat rides at the park.  Here's the Carousel

X Scream

Thunder River


Flying Swings

Sea Dragon


Scrambler and Music Express



Sky Ride time

This is a lot of fun

You can see most of the park on this round trip flyover

Coming in for a landing

Might as well do the Ferris Wheel next

Might need to head here next

Here is the rest of the park

Comet was the first coaster of the day

Hard to believe that this is the same layout as Teddy Bear and Beastie

Still fun though

Here is Ravine Flyer 3.  I like the setting over the water

Now for the reason that I came here - Ravine Flyer II

This coaster is a lot of fun

Going over and back across the street is pretty neat

I highly recommend a stop here at Waldameer to just ride this thing

Great location - Great ride

I had a great time at Waldameer.  This park is sort of a hidden gem.
If you are anywhere near this park - you need to stop and visit.