July 4, 2016

Stricker's Grove

Welcome to Stricker's Grove

Stricker's Grove is an interesting park that is only open certain times of the year

So after these years, it's satisfying to finally catch the park open

Let's take a look at the rides on the midway.  Here's the Carousel

Flying Elephants

Ferris Wheel

Let's take a ride on the train

It is really a pretty long ride around the entire fairgrounds



Tip Top

Pirate Ship

Electric Rainbow 

Flying Scooters

Kiddie Whip

Kiddie Rockets

The first of the two coasters at the park is The Teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear is a junior wooden roller coaster

This is your classic layout for junior wooden coasters

It's actually a lot of fun

The major attraction at the park is The Tornado.

The Tornado features some great pops of air along its route

Here's the layout of the ride as seen from the train ride.

Heading around the curve.

Heading into the brake run.  This is a fun little wooden coaster.

So that's Stricker's Grove.  A nice little park and worth a visit.