August 5, 2017

Holiday World

Welcome to Holiday World.

This park is one of my favorite places to visit.

Raven is the park's original wooden coaster and it's still my favorite here.

The course takes a wild out and back trip through the woods featuring lots of airtime.

Legend received some reprofiling last season and the ride is even more out of control now.

While still rough in places, it is at least rideable now.

HallowSwings is the park's amazing wave carousel.

Scarecrow's Scrambler

Turkey Twirl is the park's tilt-a-whirl.  Love the themed carts.

Voyage is still rough and is still unrideable.

They supposedly did some track work and reprofiling but I personally don't think it did any difference.  I think I'm done giving this ride anymore chances.

Gobble Getaway was a lot of fun.  The guns and targets seemed to all be working.

Is there a more natural name for a swinging boat ride?

Crow's Nest has to be one of the shortest starflyer style rides out there.

Thunderbird is still amazing.  I still cannot believe that this ride is here.

I think I prefer the left side of the train due to the headchoppers.

Though the front is where to be.  I love this ride.  Super smooth.

Don't skip the park's rapids ride.  It is actually a lot of fun.

Revolution is the park's round up - it has a great light package at night.

Flying Eagles - of course I rode them.  I never pass up on skooters.

Let's duck in here and ride the kiddie coaster.


Liberty Launch is pretty powerful for an S&S tower.

They have a nice carousel.  I think they missed out on an opportunity - they should have put this in the Christmas section and had all reindeer.

The park's new ride is Firecracker, a classic calypso ride that has been refurbished.

I had an amazing day with my family at the park.  If you decide to go, make sure you eat at Plymouth Rock Cafe (great food, large portions, good pricing).  Also don't skip on the Dole Whips, so good and priced fairly.