August 17, 2017

Time Traveler Track Construction (SDC)

This update will cover all of the track work that has occurred.  We will start up by the station.  Here you can see some of the footers that will be tasked with holding the return track to the station.

There's an interesting footer/retaining wall that they have formed.

Next we will take a look at the track work as viewed from the station.  I honestly cannot get enough of this first drop.

The bottom of the first drop features a "pit" for the pull out.  The pit has retaining walls all around it.

Next the coaster will pull up into a dive loop.

You can see just barely see the dive loop through the trees.

It's a little easier to see on one of the lower levels of the station.

After going around a couple of corners it's time for the first launch.

You can see the long straight away that will be the first launch.

This is the power facility for the two launches.

They still have quite a bit of work to complete on it.

This is where the final overbanked curve will be after the 2nd launch.

One final look at the track from the station before we move down to the actual work site.

Here you can see the first drop out of the station.  This bunny hump closest to us goes into one of the two launches.

There is a knot of track where 2 of the inversions will be taking place.  You can see the formation of the vertical loop has begun there in the middle.

Different angle, but you can see the dive loop which is pretty prominent there in the middle.  The track on the left side of the photo comes after the vertical loop.

A better look at the dive loop and the zero-G roll being formed there to the right of the tree in the middle of the photo.

This track comes right after the zero-G roll.

The workers were really focusing on the vertical loop today.

Tightening some bolts.

Don't mind the smoke - the machinery was just working hard today.

Some very beefy track in the inversion.

A great directional change section of track.

I love the swooping curves of this ride.

 Going up into an inversion.

Still need to hang some track up here.

 A smaller support waiting to be placed.

 Really like how the new ride will interact with ThuNderaTion.