August 9, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Today's update is courtesy of Austin Zamora.
We first stop in to take a look at the progress on the station.  Some additional wooden beams have gone up on the bridge.  Interesting how the middle beams are much taller than the others.

They've done a lot of work on the rest of the boardwalk as well.  It looks like the only railing left to install is on the stairs.

By not you've probably heard that the park has installed more track - well this is the view you get from the park of that new track.

Unless you ride TNT you won't see most of this ride's layout from inside the park.

The drop hasn't made any more progress towards the station.

That drop is very impressive.

So the park happened to leave open the construction fence.

You can see that first inversion (a dive loop) and what appears to be a long straight section of track, which I assume will lead to a launch.

They've added some more supports which will probably hold another sweeping curve.

There is a lot of track hiding in the trees.  I love how the track blends in with the foliage.

One last photo shows a reinforced spine on this piece of track.  Usually that means that there will be more stress put on this segment than a normal piece.
7 days until the announcement - we can barely wait.