August 12, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Today's update is courtesy of sanddunerider and it is a good one.
First we will start on the north end of the construction zone.  They have installed another support up here and it looks like more track has been added over the hill.

A new swoop has been installed as can be seen on the left side of the photo.  You can also see more of that track over the hill in this photo.

Straps are still in place on this piece as they work on getting it bolted to the supports.

This might be my favorite shot of this set.  Here you can see that first dive loop and the start of another loop which will interlock that first loop.

I am absolutely loving how this ride is using the natural terrain to its advantage.

The size of the station sort of makes things look smaller than they really are.

Here's the bottom of the first drop.  Notice how they have a fancy retaining wall around it.  The track on the other side of the yellow machinery is the pull out into the dive loop from the first drop.

First drop and start of the dive loop in the background.  Start of the interlocking inversion on the right and one of many crazy swooping turns this ride will have in the foreground.

Here's another look at the start of the new inversion.

Here's a good view of the dive loop entry.  You can also see a long straight piece of track, which we assume will lead into a launch for the second half of the ride.

Speaking of that second half, let's take a look at what has been added so far.

This building is assumed to house the launch components and you can see how the straight track is aimed right at it.

A few footers around the building waiting for supports to be added.

There are still plenty of footers on up the hill that are waiting their turn to get supports and track.  Thanks again to Sanddunerider for getting some great shots of the progress.

The announcement will take place on WEDNESDAY at 11am Central Time.  We will be there covering the event and will have a full write up that evening.