August 6, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Time to head back to the construction site to check in on progress.  Today we will be focusing on the station and walkways.  

So the bridge and walkway continue to progress.  The currently project closest to the station is to construct fencing along the edges.

The fencing along the boardwalk closest to the bridge appears to be finished.

Zooming out you can see completed section better with the new stairs on the left.

Here is a better view of where the stairs are located.  You can also see the split in the pathway with the ramp going to our right.

The pathway that includes the stairs goes right up to Poke Salad Mary's and turns right.

This is right behind Poke Salad Mary's.

Zooming out to get a better overview of that area.

Looking over the fence near Poke Salad Mary's at the new boardwalk.

Finally a look from the dining area north of Poke Salad Mary's.

Today's photos were courtesy of sdcfan88 and st.weasley