August 16, 2017

Time Traveler Station Construction (SDC)

Time to take a look at the current progress of Time Traveler.  First let's look at the boardwalk.  This was taken directly under the old TNT arch.

I am happy to confirm that Poke Salad Mary's will remain next year.  The pathways will go around the building.

I am currently standing on the ADA entrance ramp.  The stairs in the middle of the photo will belong to the ride's exit which will empty out near TNT's entrance/exit.

Another view of the ADA ramp.

Looking back at the ADA ramp with the exit stairs on the left.

Heading towards the station.  This bridge will serve as the waiting spot for those who choose not to ride.  The station will empty out here.

They have constructed 3 structures on the bridge instead of one large shade structure.

You really don't realize how massive this bridge is until you are on it.

Now let's talk about the queue set up.  The stairs you see on the bottom level will be used for Trailblazer passes.  The stand-by queue line will enter under that stair case.

Here's a better look at the Trailblazer staircase.

Once they enter the building they will enter the "ground" floor where there will be a series of switchbacks and a main focal point in this open area.

After navigating the lower switch backs they will travel up the staircase to the 2nd level which will contain another set of switchbacks.

When they finally get through the line on this level they will come to this point where the normal line and the Trailblazer line will merge.

Then they will go up another flight of stairs to the loading level.

Here they will be greeted by 8 different lines which will correspond with the seats on the train.  16 passengers can ride Time Traveler at a time.

Once they have completed their ride, they will exit to the left of this pictures and then out onto to the bridge and back to the park.

Before we shift our focus to the track work, here is a good look at the maintenance bays for the ride.  We are still unclear how the switch track will function.