June 26, 2019

Canada's Wonderland

Welcome to Canada's Wonderland

This really is an amazing park

Flight Deck is the park's Vekoma SLC.  It is actually one of the more smoother versions of this ride out there, for what it is worth.

Time Warp is a unique flying coaster

I wish I could say it is fun to ride, but it is quite uncomfortable.

The park has a beautiful Antique Carousel.

Psyclone is a high spinning thrill

Sledge Hammer is probably worth the price of admission.  This unique thrill ride is a one of a kind and I have to get a couple of rides in every time I visit

Behemoth was the coaster that really got the park on the map.

Even with the addition of the other two B&M coasters, I think Behemoth is still my favorite coaster at the park.

Backlot Stunt Coaster at Wonderland is probably the most stripped down version of the ride in the chain.  You just zoom right through the show scene without even stopping.  It's weird.

The main reason I made the trip to the North is Yukon Striker

This B&M Dive Coaster towers over the Frontier Canada section of the park

I love how it plunges into the lake in the middle of Vortex

I also appreciate how there is actually some "meat" to this ride.  It is so much fun and I am glad I got a couple rides in on this new star of the park

The Mighty Canadian Minebuster is actually a decent ride if you sit in a non-wheel seat.  I hear if you dare ride in a wheel seat it is quite rough.

Lumber Jack is a new addition since my last visit.  I have to admit that I really like the theme of this ride

Soaring Timbers is another new addition, to me.  I have to admit that I was underwhelmed by the ride.  It took forever to load and the ride cycle was boring.

Thank goodness Vortex is right across the pathway.  This is probably my second favorite ride here.  I love the setting - you actually climb the lift hill up onto Wonder Mountain

The swoops over the lake are also really awesome - not to mention how Vortex interacts with Yukon Striker now.

Silver Streak is a fun kiddie inverted coaster - I wish WOF had one of these.

Ghoster Coaster is the kiddie wooden coaster - I wish WOF had one of these too.

The park has a lot of interesting flat rides.  Shockwave is another on that long list.

Klockwerks really runs a crazy program

Thunder Run is a powered coaster inside Wonder Mountain.  You have to love the Dragon in the middle of the course that you circle around

The Bat is a Boomerang coaster.  That's really all there is to say about it.

The Fly is the park's mouse coaster.

Windseeker is a lot more interesting with Yukon Striker right under it now.

Skyhawk is another new ride for me.  The theory is you are supposed to be able to get your cart to flip while you ride.  The park has them braked so heavily that you'll be lucky to get one flip

Wonder Mountain's Guardian is another coaster inside Wonder Mountain

This coaster has a interactive shooting gallery aspect to it.  Honestly I was disappointed in the ride.  It took forever to load and the guns were not in sync with the screens.  The only redeeming part is the drop track at the end of the ride.

Wilde Beast is the park's twister wooden coaster.  It is extremely rough and honestly wasn't much fun

Riptide is the park's variation on a top spin ride.

Dragon Fyre is the park's Arrow looping coaster.  If you sit in a good seat, the ride is quite enjoyable

Leviathan is the park's B&M giga coaster.

While Behemoth is an airtime monster, Leviathan is a speed machine.

Honestly, I wish this park was closer to home.  I really enjoy my visits here.

Until next time, Canada's Wonderland, thank you for a great day