June 27, 2019


Welcome to Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, NY

The king of the park is the Jack Rabbit, which is the 12th oldest operating coaster in the world and the 4th oldest in the nation.  It opened in 1920.

This wooden roller coaster was designed by John A. Miller and built by Harry C. Baker.  It starts off with an initial 7 story drop.

It features drops that consistently go below terrain and a long dark tunnel finale.

The coaster still uses manual brake levers in the station, which are becoming rare in today's world.  The ride is a lot of fun and worth the price of admission.

The park has a great line up of flat rides, including Time Machine

Seabreeze Flyers (and yes, it is snappable)

Bear Trax is the kiddie coaster


The Log Flume creates some spectacular waves of water.  This is one of the oldest log flumes in the country.  It originally opened in 1950

Wave Swinger offers great views of the water park area.

Bumper Cars

Music Express

Screamin' Eagle (I honestly think this is the first single arm version I've seen of this ride)


This Carousel opened in 1994 after a tragic fire destroyed the original

Sea Dragon

Revolution 360

Bobsleds is an "in-house" designed hybrid coaster

It features drops and tight turns through a fun course.  This was my favorite ride at the park

Whirl Wind is the newest coaster at the park.  It opened in 2004

This spinning mouse style coaster provides a different ride experience every time you ride.

Finally, the Seabreeze Scenic Railroad Train.

I really enjoyed this park.  It is much more laid back compared to the "big boys" and that was a refreshing change on our trip.  If we are ever back in the region, we will definitely make a stop.