June 27, 2019

Six Flags Darien Lake

Welcome to Six Flags Darien Lake.

The park was branded a Six Flags park just this season.

The newest coaster at the park is Tantrum, which debuted last year

This compact coaster packs a punch with its vertical lift and drop and tight coils.

Mind Eraser is the park's Vekoma SLC.  It's rough - that's really all there is to say about it.

Shipwreck Falls really creates an impressive wave of water

Viper is the park's Arrow looper.

The coaster features all of the "greats" including a vertical loop, a boomerang, and corkscrews.

Hornet's Nest

Rolling Thunder

New this year is SkyScreamer

The park is home to MotoCoaster, which was the first of its kind in the USA

Riders straddle "bikes" before being launched into several tight turns and dips

Boomerang.  Yes, this is your classic Vekoma boomerang model.  Moving on.

The Dinn built Predator wooden coaster dominates the banks of Darien Lake

I rode in the front seat and had a great ride, but apparently if you ride anywhere else on the train, you get beat up pretty bad

Ride of Steel is the park's Intamin hyper coaster

The ride shares a similar layout to the one at Six Flags America.  I had a great second and third ride after remembering how to properly ride an Intamin hyper again.  These things are just not tall people friendly.



Grand Carousel


Silver Bullet.  This appears to be an Enterprise knock-off.  It was interesting that the ride doesn't go completely vertical - in fact this is as high as it goes up

The Giant Wheel.

This was our first time visiting and we all agreed that it was definitely one of the lower tier Six Flags parks.  With that being said, we still enjoyed our visit.