June 25, 2019

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

Welcome to Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, located in downtown Toronto under the CN Tower.

You enter the aquarium on the top level and get a look down into the "hands on" area

A large pillar of Alewives greet you as your begin your quest.

Longnose gar 

Sea raven (I had never seen one of these before)

This is an honest to goodness BLUE North American Lobster.  Yes, they are real.
Giant spiny crab

Common sea star
Giant octopus.
Pacific Kelp Aquarium.  Look how long that seaweed is.  Most of the fist in this aquarium are surfperch.

Clonal anemone.  I honestly didn't realize they came in so many different colors.
There was a diver in the Coral Aquarium
Loved the different varieties of fish in this aquarium.

Time to head into the Deep Ocean Tunnel.  First up we see a school of yellowtail snappers.

Sand tiger shark


Goliath and Giant Grouper
Sand tiger shark

Black tip reef shark (foreground)

A giant school of fish

A giant ray

Sea turtle

Ray Lagoon

That's a bonnet head shark (and it is full grown)

More rays

Touch pool of horseshoe crabs


Electric Eel
Longsnout seahorse
European cuttlefish
Archerfish (they actually shoot streams of water at their prey)
Sarcastic Fringehead
Red-bellied piranha 
Fresh water stingrays
Pacific sea nettles

Moon jellyfish

Medusa jellyfish

Polyp and Ephyrae (basically these are baby jellyfish)
Upside-down jellyfish
Atlantic sea nettles

The tour of the aquarium ends with a walk through the pump room

It's pretty massive

A look at the top of the big aquariums as you exit.