June 25, 2019

CN Tower

Welcome to the world famous CN Tower in downtown Toronto

The CN Tower is celebrating 45 years this season.  It opened to the public on June 26, 1976

The CN Tower is one of the most popular attractions in downtown Toronto, thus if you visit during peak periods, you might find a little bit of a wait to go up in the tower.

Luckily they have this mountie moose to keep you company while you wait.

The blue elevators to the Indoor Lookout Level at 1,135 ft.

Here you can view Toronto indoors through thick glass windows.

Just below the Indoor Lookout Level is the Outdoor Observation Terrace which is at 1,122 ft

While you are outdoors, your view of Toronto is impeded upon by protective metal fencing.  Unfortunately, you have to protect people from themselves.

Also on this level is the glass floors that allow you to see straight down

It is said that the glass is strong enough to hold 33 adult bull moose at the same time.

This desk is where you access the Sky Pod, which is located at 1,465 ft.  There is an additional elevator to take you up there.

This is where we just came from (zoomed in)

Zoomed out you can see just how much higher up we are now.

The views are much better up here.

Union Station visible in the lower left 

SkyDome - home of the Toronto Bluejays (MLB) and the Round House Train Museum (on the left)

Sunset over Toronto

Scotiabank Arena - Home of the Toronto Raptors (NBA)

Toronto is very pretty all light up at night.

At night they light the tower up with LED lights.  It have to admit, it makes it a little hard to see the city when standing on the Outdoor Observation Terrace

Time to head back down

If you find yourself in Toronto, you have to visit the CN Tower.