June 9, 2019

Rivertown Smokehouse (SDC)

The crews are making good progress on the new Dining Patio for the Rivertown Food Court.

This new area will provide lake view dining in a more spacious set-up

You can see that it will stretch most of the length of the Lake when completed.

The reason they are building such a large patio is that the new ride will exit patrons onto this patio area.

The new Smokehouse, which should go vertical soon, is located across the pathway from the former White River Mercantile building.

You can see they are ready to lay the floor for the build and then shortly after that, the walls will start to go up.

Here's a different view so you can see where it is located (the White River Mercantile building is there on the right).  Also you can see just how big the building is.  Without the need for indoor seating, the building doesn't have to be as big as the old one was

In other news, the former Mercantile building has found a new life as a Clearance Shop.

With the change of plans (the building was originally supposed to be completely demolished) the shop is once again being utilized instead of sitting empty.

It'll be interesting to see what all this building is used for as the season progresses.