June 28, 2019

Cave of the Winds (Niagara Falls)

Welcome to Cave of the Winds

These are the elevators that will take you down to the Boardwalks

Well, first, once you get to the bottom of the elevator, you have to go down this long creepy hallway

Then you go down this pathway

Here we are finally, the entrance to the Cave of the Winds boardwalks

Yes, it is directly under the Bridal Veil Falls.

The mist can get pretty thick at times down here.

You get really close to the bottom of the falls for both Bridal Veil and American Falls.

Here is the bottom of both American and Bridal Veil Falls

You can also get a pretty view of Horseshoe Falls from here.  Look at that mist cloud coming up from all of that rushing water.

As you navigate up on your tour, the mist keeps getting thicker.

The roar of the water coming down from the falls is really loud.

The boardwalk is built right over the bottom of the falls.  You can get a great look at how fast this water is moving.

Seriously, it's hard to get over the power of the water.

Another rainbow.

Isn't it beautiful?

The very top of the boardwalk is known as the Hurricane Deck
Here you can come within a couple feet of the actual Bridal Veil Falls and feel the force of the smallest of the 3 waterfalls at Niagara.

I have to admit, it is quite the rush.

No visit to Niagara would be complete without this tour - and we highly recommend it.

Unprecedented views await at the Cave of the Winds Boardwalk.