June 15, 2018

NOW OPEN! - America's Fun Park

Welcome to America's Fun Park.  Let's start off our tour with the roller coasters.  The "queen of the midway" is definitely Windstorm.

Windstorm is the largest traveling roller coaster in the United States.  Though, I'm not sure how much traveling it is going to do for the foreseeable future.

The coaster has this "hidden" drop turn half way through the course that can really catch you off guard if you are not expecting it.

The ride finishes with some very tight curves that hug the ground.  It's a great ride and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to get several laps in today.

The next roller coaster at the park is the Groovy Train.

While not as extreme as the Windstorm, it still has some fun drops and a lot of curves.

Here you can see it navigating one of the longer sets of helices.

You definitely get some airtime in the back cart going down the big drop.

The final roller coaster at the park is the Wacky Worm.

This fun course is navigated several times.  They just keep sending you around.

However I don't think they meant to send us around 7 times like they did when I rode it.

The train kept over shooting the station, but they finally got us stopped.  Let's just say my limit on laps around the Wacky Worm is probably less than seven in a row.

Flying high above the east side of the park is the Oktoberfest Wave Swinger.

They give you a nice long ride on these swings.  It is a lot of fun swinging above the midway and the Branson Strip.

Tornado will get you plenty dizzy if you are into things like that.

The park also has a nice 3 lane slide.

You can get some air going over those humps.

This nice full sized carousel has some interesting animals, like the dragon you can see here.

Scooter is the park's bumper cars.

If you can build up enough speed, you can definitely put some decent sized bumps on your fellow riders.

The Dark Ride (Ghost House) never opened while I was at the park, but I have to say that it has a very impressive looking facade.

The park has several kiddie rides, which I assume will be consolidated together when the additional big rides come and get set up at the park.  This is Duck Boats.

Motorcycle Jumper

Lil Scrambler.

Jet Planes

Beetle Bumps

Convoy, which was not open yet.

The park also has several Midway Games scattered around the park.  I can see these being consolidated in the future and maybe even have permanent structures built.

The Food Court is made up of several food trucks.  I do like that they put in permanent shade structures for the dining area.

They have most of your normal carnival food selections here.

Finally, the main permanent structure for the park houses the restrooms, administrative offices and ticketing.  I would imagine eventually there might even be a souvenir shop.

We had a great time at the park and look forward to seeing where they take it in the future.  They have said that they plan to cycle in and out rides to keep it fresh so we will definitely keep an eye on this wonderful new addition to the Branson area.