June 2, 2018

Bigfoot On The Strip

Welcome to Bigfoot On The Strip entertainment center on the 76 Strip in Branson

They have a nice putt putt course called Adventure Golf.

A few complicated holes here and there.

Beware of the cave!

So this particular Bigfoot is not impressed yet, so let's see what else there is.

Welcome to the Yeti Zone.

This is a combination of maze and obstacles to explore.

Watch out for that yeti trap.

The course ends with what they call the Monkey Jump.  You jump from that ledge into a huge air mattress like what a Hollywood Stunt Jumper would do.

The two main attractions are on the side of a very tall tower.  The more extreme ride is the Super Sling.

Yes, it's a sling shot.

Once you reach the top it starts to tumble your seat head over heels on the way back down.

It's just a little extreme.

Equally as scary is the Gravity Bomb.

First it takes you up over 200 feet into the air.

Then it drops you in a true free-fall.

It's quite the rush and definitely a good time.
For more information on the attractions shown here, please visit their website by clicking [HERE]