June 26, 2018

Bernie's Barnyard (Adventureland)

Photos from today's update are courtesy of Johnathan Collins.  It looks like they are still working on assembling the play structure.

They've added some musical instrument stations, which I assume will be popular with the kids.

Bernie and the top of a silo are still sitting in the employee parking lot.

Shakin' Bacon is still waiting for it's operator stand and queue area.

The logo for the ride is really cute.

The big news for today is that they are in the process of installing the track for Junior Jockeys

The poor guys are having to navigate this large mud puddle to do so.

Here is the area where the ride will go.  As you can see, it's a muddy mess.

You can see the footers that will support the track pieces.  A forklift appears to be bringing in the next piece to be placed.