June 2, 2018

Heavy Metal Highrise (Branson Tracks)

Welcome to the Heavy Metal Highrise at Track 4 on the Strip in Branson.

Heavy Metal Highrise is the newest of the 3 elevated go kart tracks in Branson and is the only one that was built using metal framing, hence the name.

While it is the newest, it is also the simplest with regards the layout.  You start with a series of helices that you race around until you reach the top.

Once you reach the top you have a double down hill that you navigate and yes, your go kart will probably get at least a couple moments of air time.

At the bottom you have a curve which takes you back to the station where you begin your trek back up to the top all over again.

It is a fun track - but it is also a very busy track as this seems to be the highest attended of the three Tracks locations on the Strip.