June 2, 2018

Midtown Project (SDC)

The project in Midtown is still on going.  This is the view from Hill Street across from the duplicating lathe demonstration area.

Here you can see that the foundation has been poured and it appears that the new structure will basically be the same as before with Big Jack's.

The red structure is Grandfather's Mansion and the other two are located directly behind the General Store and house Back of House (BOH) operational stuff for the park.

The only path connecting Hill Street to the rest of Midtown right how is this very narrow path next to the Ghost Trap and what was formerly the Tree House.

The wall runs all the way to Grandfather's Mansion.

Here is where the wall ends.

Peeking through the wall you can see where the foundation has gone in.

A pallet full of metal forms.

One last look.  I would say we have awhile before this area will be opened back up to the public and the new structure is put into use.