June 2, 2018

America's Fun Park

Well AFP was originally supposed to open today, but they had some more delays.  They think they will open tomorrow, but after looking around the park I think that will be a miracle.

Here is the entrance to the park.  You will purchase your wristbands here.

Once you go through the entrance you will exit out into this food court area.

Moving around the corner of the park, you can see more of the food court.  As you can tell, they are still setting up stuff in this area.

Carousel and the Waveswinger

Waveswinger with Windstorm in the background.

You can see the Tornado ride just behind the Waveswinger and then further on back is the dark ride.

Here's a better shot of the dark ride facade.

Another shot looking back at the Waveswinger and Tornado with the dark ride on the right and Carousel in the background.  You can also see the Super Slide to the right of the Carousel.

Obviously the main attraction at AFP will be the Windstorm.

It really looks impressive where it is located in the park.

Looks like they are going to have onride photos you can purchase.

Moving to the other side of the entrance building you can see the backside of the Super Slide with the dark ride behind it.  There is a kiddie fighter jet ride next to the slide.  The Groovy Train roller coaster is there in the background on the left with a kiddie scrambler in front on the left.

A better look at the Groovy Train and the kiddie scrambler.

In the back is Skooters (bumper cars) and on the right is a kiddie car circular ride.

Background is Groovy Train, Skooters on the left and a caterpillar kiddie circular ride on the right. 

Finally on the far end of the park (closest to the parking lot) is the Wacky Worm.  The park has two additional rides coming (tilt-a-whirl and scrambler).  They are currently in an extended refurbishment, but will be here some time this summer.