June 20, 2018

Engine 504 (SDC)

Please help welcome the newest member of the Frisco Silver Dollar Line - Engine 504

This is a 1941 Kolben-Danek 0-4-0 locomotive that, before coming to Branson, operated in Minnesota on what was called the Northfield & Cannon Valley Railroad.

It has been a few years in the making, but the engine was rebuilt to working order with a new boiler, new cab, new boiler tube pilot, a Nathan 6 Chime and it was converted from burning wood to burning oil, along with a new Frisco passenger paint scheme.

She recently returned to service for the first time since 2007.  She is the first new locomotive to run on the rails at Silver Dollar City since the 1960's and the second to ever with a tender.

The Frisco Silver Dollar Line is proud to present their new girl, Engine 504.

Make sure you take the time to go for a ride behind this beautiful new addition to the park.