November 28, 2019

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Welcome to Disney's Hollywood Studios

It is interesting how a park can feel so familiar and different at the same time

We'll get more to that in other updates but first, let's walk down Hollywood Blvd.

Turning down Sunset Blvd to our first destination of the day

To me, even with all of the other additions to the park, the Tower of Terror is still the king of the park

You just cannot top the story-telling that is present in this ride

Next door is Rock 'N' Roller Coaster

This ride has a pretty special place in my heart as I was once chosen to be a test guest to ride numerous times before its official opening.

Some things have changed about the ride over the years, but the thrill is still there

A new addition, for me, is next door to R'n'R at the Sunset Showcase - Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy.

Don't be turned off at what sounds like a "kiddie show" this is a fun presentation and features an amazing audio animatronic.

Even if you are not overly aware of the IP content, you will have a good time

Outside there are a couple of characters from the movies that you can take photos with

I think that the park could definitely support a larger Cars IP area, but for now, this is a nice addition to the park.

The Chinese Theater has always been the "castle" for the park.

I was a little disappointed that the new Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railroad attraction wasn't ready yet, but that's just another reason for me to return in the future.

A lot of people skip Muppet-Vision 3D, but it is always a must-do for me

Star Tours is still demanding long lines even with the new Galaxy's Edge.

I really like this ride and have no issue with it existing outside of the new area.

Another long-running fixture at this park is the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

Even though I have seen it numerous times, I still have a great time at the show

The finale is always a ... blast

Trials of the Temple is always a big draw with the younger crowd

The atmosphere and feel of this park is so different compared to the others at WDW

We caught a little bit of the stage show at the center of the park called Star Wars A Galaxy Far, Far Away

This was a good opportunity to see several characters from the movies

I liked that it featured characters from the entire series

Of course there was a strong presence from the new trilogy

There was a large crowd response for Rey and BB8

I liked how they all came back out for the finale

Night time falls across the land

We had to get a couple more rides on the Tower of Terror before the end of the day

We had a great day at the Studios

We're just getting started on coverage of Disney's Hollywood Studios