November 29, 2019

Islands of Adventure

Welcome to Universal Orlando Resort

Today we are going to spend most of our time at Islands of Adventure

Let the Adventure Begin!

Turning right out of the Port of Entry, we come to Seuss Landing
This land is full of lots of interesting buildings
We like eating here because they have a wide variety of options

It has a fun atmosphere too with the Trolley coming through periodically

We'll be back later for Grinchmas

Heading into the Lost Continent

I like the look of this building

This building is pretty cool too

Jurassic Park time

This section is currently under a lot of construction, so it's hard to take decent photos right now of the area

Pteranodon Flyers

River Adventure is still the best place to see dinosaurs in the park

You will get wet on the ride

Next door is Skull Island - Reign of Kong

This is a fun ride

Dudley Do Right is probably the wettest ride in the park

Toon Lagoon has some fun buildings as well

Marvel Super Hero Island

Still one of the best dark rides ever built

Fear Fall is always a fun stop

Before we finish our loop around the park - we need to stop at Hulk

This is still one of the most intense B&M loopers out there
We're only just getting started with our coverage of Universal Orlando Resort