November 2, 2019

Fright Fest Shows (SFSTL)


Love at First Fright returns for another season at the Palace Theater

Overall the story remains the same, but some of the music selections have been switched out for newer numbers

but yes, the cheesy nature of the show remains

While not the most "musical" of performances, it is mildly entertaining.

Returning for its third season, Reality featuring Johnny Magic is performing in the Empire Theater

He has some new illusions this season

He also brought back some crowd favorites from past years

It is a fun and seems to really pack in the crowds

Deadman's Party dance troupe is back at the Palace Porch

They dance to several popular spooky songs
Will Rotten brought back his Sideshow for another season near Batman.  He sure likes to swallow things - such as swords

He also likes to eat fire

To kick off the night time horrors, the park throws a "Freaks Unleashed" party

The event features the cast of Deadman's Party and Love at First Fright in a couple of dance and singing numbers before the train arrives with all of the screamsters

The screamsters then depart the train and cause havoc among the park guests in attendance

While nothing compared to HAUNT's Overlord's Awakening at Worlds of Fun, it is at least an attempt to kick the night off properly.

One last show to mention.  Macabre Manor moved to a new location this year.

The new location is much better for viewing and is a lot bigger.