November 30, 2019

Universal Studios Florida

Welcome to Universal Studios Florida at the Universal Studios Orlando Resort

Minion Mayhem is always a popular ride

It is honestly beyond silly - and I think that's part of its charm

Don't mess the dance party at the exit where you can meet some real minions

Across the street is Shrek 4D.  This is another hilarious ride/show

At the exit to the attraction you can meet the real Donkey and Shrek

Rip Ride Rock-It! became a lot more fun for our group since we discovered how to access the secret tracks.  During our many laps we listened to Track 104 - Crocodile Rock, Track 113 - Immigrant Song, Track 122 - Start Me Up, Track 128 - Vertigo, and Track 904 - Night on Bald Mountain

As you board your train, hold down on the Rockit logo for about 10 seconds then release.  Your screen will then change to a number pad.  You enter your 3-digit code and press enter.  You will then get another screen saying you cannot make a video with this song and they you're good to go.

A guilty pleasure of our group is Race Through New York ride.  It is another silly ride that is just a lot of fun

The park across the street was very festive

Revenge of the Mummy could very well be the best coaster in the two parks.

I really don't care for this ride

Looking down the street towards the giant Christmas tree

Lots of Christmas decorations on this block

Fast and Furious Supercharged is a new ride for us

The garages are amazing.  Lots of cool cars to look at

Honestly, this is the best part of the entire attraction

The ride itself is probably the worst attraction I've ever been on.  I honestly will probably skip this thing the next time I visit the park

Men In Black Alien Attack is still one of my favorite rides here

The queue line is awesome

Like normal, I completely destroyed everyone else on my cart and finished in the top scores of the day.  My second and third laps on the ride were even better.  At one point today, I had 3 different scores on the top scores for the day

Still a better ride than Dumbo

Since we had just visited the Magic Kingdom a couple days ago, the jokes on this ride were even funnier than normal

Pay attention in the queue line.  There are so many funny sight gags that you might miss if you don't watch the different characters


The line for Woody's is always shorter than Hippogriff even though it is the exact same layout

The Trolls were out greeting guests while we were in the area

I always have to go on ET Adventure when I am at the park

The dialogue on this ride cracks me up

There are so many fun details at this park