November 28, 2019

Fantasmic - Disney's Hollywood Studios

Welcome to Fantasmic.  A nighttime spectacular hosted by Mickey Mouse

The show features mist screens that images are projected on

As well as live actors.  This is the Pocahontas sequence

The Princess sequence features two different smaller pontoon boats.  This one has the Beauty and the Beast on it

The other has Prince Eric and Ariel

The Evil Queen talking to the Magic Mirror to kick off the villains portion of the show

A giant snake chasing Mickey

Maleficient in her dragon form attacking Mickey

She sets the entire lake on fire

But Mickey has a plan

and fireworks

The villains are all vanquished from his dream

Next, a steamboat covered in fireworks comes around the corner

It then changes over to a steamboat piloted by Willie

There are lots and lots of characters on board

The finale begins

The show is awesome and we highly recommend seeing it