November 29, 2019

Hogsmeade - Islands of Adventure

Welcome to Hogsmeade

This picturesque wizarding village is extremely popular with park guests

Make sure you get a Butterbeer while you are here.  Though be warned, they are quite addictive

The village looks great with its Christmas decor

Three Broomsticks is the main restaurant in this area

Make sure you check out the different shops while you are here

If you choose to purchase an interactive wand, there are even more ways to interact with the area

This is seriously such a neat place to visit

Details everywhere

This is my favorite store here.  Be sure to try a pumpkin pasty and definitely get a Pumpkin Juice

Don't you just love the look of this place?

A snowman just outside the castle's grounds

One more look down the main street of Hogsmeade

The Flying Hippogriff is just outside the city limits

Representatives from the other wizarding schools will periodically perform on a stage just outside the city limits near the castle

To head back to London, you will need to board the Hogwarts Express at Hogsmeade Station

Speaking of the Hogwarts Express, here is one of the engines for that particular line