March 7, 2018

City Changes (SDC)

A brand new directional sign has been placed on Valley Road.  It looks great.  I hope there are more like it around the park for this season.

Time Traveler is ready to greet its first "official" riders next Tuesday (March 13th) at Media Day.

Here is a look at how the pathway down to Echo Hollow interacts with the new queue line.  It's like you are right there in the queue (going down to EH) but at the same time not.

Here is a look into the new Time Traveler gift shop.  Looks like there will be plenty of things to purchase after your ride.  You can also see where the Frozen Banana stand will go (where the red umbrella is just past the tree)

Finally, here is a look at the new Traveler's Stop, which is the new chicken sandwich shop on Valley Road