March 28, 2018

Islands of Adventure

Welcome back to our coverage of Islands of Adventure.  In this update we'll start in the Skull Island area of the park.

Skull Island - the Reign of Kong is a huge multi-dimensional ride.  You board a large jeep truck and head off on your journey.

Once you enter the main temple, things get crazy.  This is a very fun ride.

Moving into Toon Lagoon, or as we jokingly refer to it as... the waterpark of IOA

Buzz Saw Falls is the park's log flume.  It is themed to Dudley Do Right.

There are some great hidden drops and roller coaster style drops.

Don't expect to get off the ride dry.  Soaked is more like it.

Popeye and Bluto's Bulge-Rat Barges is the park's rapids style ride.

This ride another one that will get you soaked.  It's so much fun though.

Moving into Marvel Super Hero Island

Super-Man is an amazing multi-dimensional ride

Doctor Doom's Fear Fall is a pair of S&S shot towers.  My family absolutely loves this ride.

The main attraction in this land is The Incredible Hulk.

Despite receiving new trains and all new track, it is still rather rough in some spots.

This is by far the most intense ride left in the two parks.

I really enjoy the setting on the lake.

And with that our tour of Islands of Adventure has concluded.

The Adventure Lives On!