March 13, 2018

Time Traveler - Media Day (SDC)

Welcome to Media Day for Time Traveler.  There is a huge group of reporters present today.

Lisa Rau, Public Relations Manager for Herschend Family Entertainment welcomes everyone to the event and then invites Park General Manager Brad Thomas to the mic.

Brad Thomas takes us through the backstory of the ride.

Next, Christian von Elverfeldt, CEO of Mack Rides talks about some of the design process and just overall how excited he is to debut his newest ride.

A mixture of Herschend and Mack representatives.
The middle four are Christian von Elverfeldt, Pete Herschend, Sherri Herschend and Jack Herschend.

The Herschends and Christian von Elverfeldt are ready to take the plunge on the first official ride of Time Traveler.