March 30, 2018

Motorsports Hall of Fame

The Motorsports Hall of Fame museum is located at the Daytona International Speedway.

Outside they have a Walk of Fame of some of the recent 500 winners.

They put their foot and hand prints in concrete along with their signature.

Inside the museum there are displays of many different styles of vehicles that have raced at the fabled motor speedway.

This is the current Daytona 500 Winner.  You'll notice that it is still covered in confetti from the celebration on Victory Lane

This is the permanent perpetual trophy that gets updated each year with the winner of the race.

In the main room now, you can see the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, which the younger guests will recognize from Pixar's Cars movie triology.

Going around the room now checking out the different vehicles on display

Here is a racing suit that Jeff Gordon wore.

A salute to Howard Hughes

Motorcycles also race at Daytona.

As do airplanes.

All sorts of things race at Daytona

A reproduction of the Stanley Steamer.

Ready Set Go!

Gas Station

Here you can see how the race used to be done.  Right on the beach and utilizing a section of the A1A highway.

There's the checkered flag

Goodyear and its blimp have a been a major staple of the race for many years now.

Several old trophies from various races held at Daytona

Yep.  Even dragsters are on display here.

Finally, here are two pace cars that were utilized at the Daytona 500.