March 17, 2018

Spring Ride Days (SDC)

A new season of thrills has begun at Silver Dollar City

New this year is Time Traveler.

This spinning launched looping coaster is definitely a great new addition to the park and I am looking forward to many more laps on the ride this season.

The Flooded Mine is celebrating 50 seasons this year.  The ride continues to receive improvements.  Sound cards are working again and lots of new paint.  Also several effects are working again. Definitely worth take a ride on.

We always get to take a ride on the Wave Carousel as it is one of Mom's favorite rides.

This still looks great.  Such an improvement over Geyser Gulch.

The Giant Swing is still one of my favorite rides at the park.  I find it extremely relaxing as you are launched back and forth up into the air.

Outlaw Run was running great today.  Seemed smoother than normal.

Fire in the Hole looked amazing today.  Lots of new lighting effects.

Even with the addition of Time Traveler, PowderKeg is still my favorite roller coaster in the park.  You just cannot beat that initial launch.

Wild Fire is still a great ride.  It really was the start of the park becoming a destination for roller coaster enthusiasts.

During the Spring, there are not many shows available but the park does bring in some acts like Sunday Drive to perform.  Looking forward to our first festival which begins next month.