March 30, 2018

Fun Spot America - Orlando

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Welcome to Fun Spot America in Orlando.

White Lightning is the reason to stop at this little park.

The pacing and layout are just perfect for a smaller park

Forgive the flash of blindness at the bottom of the first drop when they take your photo.

Freedom Flyer is the inverted coaster at the park

I really like how it has the newer style of restraints.

Again, this is just a lot of fun to ride.

It is next to impossible to photograph at night though.

Space Invader

Double-Deckered Carosel

Rip Curl



Paratrooper (I hear it is heading to Georgia soon)


Sky Coaster.  Apparently this is the largest in the world (but not the tallest)

Tot Spot is the kiddie ride area.

Sea Serpent


Bumper Boats

Commander Track (this is my favorite here)

Quad Track

Conquest Track

Thrasher Track

Time to race!

Seriously, if you want to have a good time in Orlando away from the big parks, you cannot go wrong with Fun Spot Orlando.