March 31, 2018

Fun Spot America - Kissimmee

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Welcome to Fun Spot Kissimmee

Rockstar Spinning Coaster

This coaster is a lot like Primeval Whirl over at Animal Kingdom

Fun Slide and Happy Swing

Castlemania fun house.

Baron Planes and Kiddie Coaster

Kiddie Coaster

Screaming Eagles


Head Rush 360

Bumper Kars

SkyCoaster - this is the World's Tallest


Flying Bobs

Hot Seat

There are two go-kart tracks at the park.  This is Vortex and the most popular.  It features a giant helix up and then the steepest banked curve (32 degrees) on any go-kart track.

You do get a nice long ride on the track so it is worth the wait.

Who is ready for a 4 story high climb?

The other track is called Chaos.  This is an elevated track, but a lot tamer than the Vortex.

The crown jewel of the park is the Mine Blower.

This Gravity Group designed ride is extremely intense.

Once you leave that first drop, it doesn't let up until you hit the final brakes.

The coaster features a roll right over the station.

Really like the light package it has at night.

Fun Spot Kissimmee is a great park, but it definitely does not have the capacity that the Orlando park has.  They really need to add some more go-kart tracks to take some of the pressure off the two that they have.