March 27, 2018

Universal Studios Florida

Welcome to Universal Studios.

Shrek 4-D is showing its age.  Hopefully it gets a replacement soon.

Across the road is Despicable Me Minion Mayhem which is one of our favorite attractions at the park.

Now don't be like these silly people who wait an hour or more in line.  Go to the side here and request for "stationary seats."  You get immediate boarding.

Now you're like but I want to move around real jerky and stuff while watching.  Trust me.  You get seated so close to the screen you feel like you're moving anyway.

You can literally ride it 10 or more times by doing this instead of waiting in line.  Do really need to get jerked around while watching the movie?  and is it worth waiting over and hour to do that?

I love / hate relationship with Rip Ride Rockit!

In order to have a great ride you have to sit in row 2 or 5.  Anywhere else is rough as heck and then comes the issue with the music.  Why haven't we updated the choices yet?

Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon was added since our last visit.

I really like the virtual queue.  When you enter you are given a card in a certain color.  You wait on the bottom floor until the overhead lights turn that color.  While you wait, you get to check out some cool artifacts from the Tonight Show.

Johnny Carson will always be the king of late night talk shows.

Jay Leno did a decent job, but he was not Johnny..

Here is a display for Jimmy Fallon, who is the current host.
(in case you were wondering, they have displays for all of the hosts in the show's history)

The lights turned our color so we headed upstairs.  Hashtag the Panda was hanging out on the floor at the top of the steps.

Much like downstairs, you wait for the lights to change to your color then you get to board.  However on the 2nd floor there are are couches to relax on.

The ride itself is a simulator ride.  My family really enjoyed it.  In fact I think we ended up riding it 3 times over the course of our stay at the resort.  Just go in expecting something silly and not groundbreaking and you'll end up enjoying yourself.

We stopped and watched the Blues Brothers Show on the way to our next ride.

We're getting the band back together.

So we rode Transformers the Ride.  We still don't understand what's going on.  One of my family members described it as "violence for the sake of violence" - I think he's spot on with that description.  One and done for us on this trip.

MUMMY is a favorite among my family.  The only thing we don't like about this indoor launched coaster is the stupid video clip before you exit the ride.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Simpsons, but you cannot deny that this area of the park is very well done.

The food in the area is really good too.

My brother and his wife needed to stop here.

Anyone else wish they'd do a massive rehab on this ride to make it smoother?

Make sure you listen to the alien talk as you ride this.  It's hilarious.

Men in Black Alien Attack is one of my favorite shooter rides.

I've really refined my skills on this ride.  I completely destroyed my opponents every time.  My advice is to "shoot the less obvious aliens for higher points"

I don't care what any of you say.  ET Adventure is amazing and I will ride it numerous times every time I visit the resort.

The same coaster is over at the other park and has wait times over an hour.  Over here it has 15 minute waits.

I honestly think people forget it is there.

We also took time to watch the Animal Actors Live Show.  It was fun.