July 1, 2019

Cedar Point

Welcome to Cedar Point - A Place Like No Other!

This historic amusement park is home to some of the biggest thrills in the industry

Since FastLane+ wasn't open for Steel Vengeance yet, we started off the day with Maverick.  We've grown to love this ride.  The modified restraints made all the difference in the world

FastLane+ finally opened so we grabbed a couple laps on Steel Vengeance 

Steel Vengeance remains one of the craziest coasters we've ever ridden.

Next we headed to Cedar Creek Mine Ride, which is celebrating 50 seasons this year.

Making our way back to the front of the park, we stopped and got a couple laps on our favorite steel coaster - Millennium Force.  I honestly had no idea the guy in the front did that until I was editing photos back home for this report.

Rougarou was next.  I still don't know what to think of this floorless conversion.  I think if it was in a different park, it would be one of the top rides there, whereas at Cedar Point, it gets forgotten.

Iron Dragon (Draggin' Iron) has one of the best locations for a suspended coaster.  Too bad the ride itself is on the boring side.

After riding Yukon Striker last week, Valravn seems to be missing something.  I guess you could say that we prefer the bird north of the border when it comes to this style of coaster

I don't know what I did differently today, but I got an insane amount of airtime on Blue Streak today.  I don't remember that being the case in the past.

Raptor is still one of the best inverted coasters out there

I've decided that I like the right back side of the train the best on GateKeeper

Maxair is a great ride - it's even better when you can use FastLane on it

Troika - these rides are a guilty pleasure of mine.  I think it is interesting that Cedar Fair owns most of the working models that are in the United States

Wicked Twister is such a better ride than other impulse coasters.  That back twist makes all of the difference

This particular Windseeker probably has the best location of the ones in the chain

No visit to the park is complete without a ride on the SkyRide.  I was lucky enough to time it correctly and I got a ride going both directions with minimal wait.

Cedar Downs is one of the best carousels in the country.  I wish there were more of this style available to ride.

Corkscrew is not tall person friendly.

Power Tower.  The lines were short for FastLane so I was able to get a ride on both the Turbo Drop and Space Shot

For some reason Gemini was only running the red side today.

I want to love Magnum - but it hates me.  Those restraints just kill my legs.  With that being said, the new lights and sound effects in the final tunnel were pretty awesome.

Top Thrill Dragster.  What can be said about this ride that hasn't already been said.  Even though I've ridden it numerous times over the years, that launch still gets me every time.

The sky sure turned out pretty this evening.

I have a great time at this park every time I visit - but it sure does wear me out with all of the walking.  This place is huge.

Until next time - Cedar Point