July 25, 2019

Hurricane Bay

Welcome to Hurricane Bay at Kentucky Kingdom

The park has quite a few extreme slides.  This complex features Calypso Run (the Topsy Turvy slide - ends in blue), Kilawaya (the bowl slide) and Waikiki Wipeout (ends in green)

This is a family raft slide called Plummet Summit

This tower features a camel back body slide called Wave Runner and a drop capsule body slide (the tall slide) called Deep Water Dive

Adventure River.  I found it interesting that they give guest pool noodles instead of rafts for this particular lazy river

The park has a water coaster called Deluge

It features several magnetic launches during the ride

Splash Zone is the park's water fortress, which features several slides and a tipping bucket of water

This is Mega Wedgie, another raft bowl slide.

There's a complex of three raft slides on the island created by Castaway Creek.  This lazy river uses rafts

Tornado dominates this side of the park

It's pretty much like any tornado water slide out there, but it is still a lot of fun

Finally the park has an awesome wavepool called Big Surf.  At 3 times during the day, the park ramps up the waves in what they call the Big Kahuna.  These sessions are awesome and definitely worth trying out