July 22, 2019

Park Update (SFSTL)

Time to check back in at our local Six Flags.  The "new" membership building has finally opened.  In other news, the ticketing area is still a hot mess.

Mr. Freeze finally has both sides operational again.  That other train seemed to be in off season maintenance for a very long time

They finally figured out pump problem and Thunder River is now open for the season

The swear they are getting closer to being able to put everything back together at Xcalibur

Seems like this has been SBNO forever - but it should operate like a brand new ride once they are done.

Tidal Wave looks abandoned

I'm not sure why they didn't just operate it this season, but apparently it needs a major renovation and was incapable of even operating this season.  They promise it IS coming back and not just being torn out.

It's finally "summer" so the water rides are actually open now

I may have just missed it before - but ChopSix has a sign on a pole now

The refurbishment of the outdoor seating area at Johnny Rocket's is finally complete.  It is actually a major upgrade.  They removed some cement walls and really opened the place up

Finally there is a new photo op near Batman.  You are supposed to be the "X" in Six Flags.  Unfortunately most people are incapable of figuring that out.