July 2, 2019

Kings Island

Welcome to Kings Island

We're pretty familiar with this place anymore and no trip to KI is complete without a ride on Adventure Express to see the dancing warrior statues

Time to go ride Flight of Fear

Who is ready to storm the UFO and see them aliens?

The new addition for this year, turned out great.  It seemed to be a crowd favorite as it had long lines most of the day

Racers - always a fun ride, as long as you don't sit in a wheel seat.

I enjoy Windseekers - however I think that they should have put KI's in a different spot.  There's really nothing to see back in that section of the park

Vortex hates me.  For some reason I can never get a good ride on it.

This version of Backlot Stunt Coaster actually has working effects - and they make ALL the difference

Celebrating 40 years - THE BEAST.  Still delivers the absolute best night ride of any coaster

Diamondback is enjoying its final season as the tallest coaster in the park

I finally got to see the demon tree in the shed on this trip

Time to go up there.

This view will look very different next season

Not much has changed in this view since last season

Remember when you could see a giant wall of lumber when you looked this way?  Yeah, I don't miss it either. 

Looking down at redeveloped International Street and Fountain.  I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that they changed the fountains so drastically, but the night show is well done.

It might be time for another major kiddie coaster in this area.  They definitely have room

Banshee is still a very fun ride.

The Bat was running great today

So is this the only working Invertigo left?  That's what I've heard.

Drop Tower.

One parting shot of Action Zone with Banshee and Delirium.
Always have a great time at this park.  Probably why we seem to visit every year.