July 13, 2019

Grand Carnivale (Worlds of Fun)

Welcome to Grand Carnivale at Worlds of Fun - the largest Summer Celebration in park history.  

When you enter the park, you will come face-to-face with the crown jewel of the festival, a real honest-to-goodness working hot air balloon of the park's logo

International Plaza is all dressed up for the festival.

Front Street is also all dressed up for the festival

The festival has a wide assortment of specialty foods.  They also have two specialty drinks which are served in a limited edition light up pilsner.  This one is the Carnivale Cocktail, which is a tropical inspired drink with vodka, blue curacao and melon midori.

The other specialty drink is the Berry Citrus Twist and is non-alcoholic.  It is a refreshing blend of strawberry and citrus.  Both drinks can be found at the bar just outside Chickie's and Pete's in International Plaza.

The festival officially kicks off at 5pm nightly with an opening ceremony

Now let's take a look at each of the embassies represented at Grand Carnivale.  First is INDIA. 

INDIA is mostly located around the Nordic Chaser ride.  The specialty food stand is in fact right across the midway from the ride.

The INDIA stage features two different acts.  First is Ariana, the Contortionist

The second is an artist who performs traditional belly dance


The specialty food area for FRANCE is located just outside the entrance to the Tivoli Music Hall

The FRANCE stage has 3 different acts, including a string trio


and a Dog Act.

ITALY stretches from Viking Voyager to the Funnel Cake shop.  The specialty food area is right next to the Viking Voyager queue. 

The ITALY stage features 2 acts.  The first is Topsy Turvy, a sister act that does adagio hand to hand balancing feats.

The second act is Damien Blake's The Amazing Chicken Parmesan puppet show.

ITALY also has a separate musician that plays keyboard over near the dining area of the embassy

In the tree courtyard of International Plaza, the Anti-Gravity Cirque performs different acts periodically during the event.  Here they are doing a juggling act.

There is also an aerial silk portion to the their show.

The drummers from INDIA also make appearances in this area.


The specialty food area for GERMANY is near to the Grand Carrousel

The GERMANY stage features 2 acts including the VEP dancers who perform traditional dances

The second act is the Alpen Spielers who perform traditional polkas and other fun songs


The specialty food area for CHINA is next to Pagoda Soda

The stage in CHINA has performances from the Chinese Fan Dancers

After the Spectacle of Colors Parade ends, the cast of Hot Rhythm Nights takes over at the International Plaza Stage for a huge street party.

The evening concludes nightly with a "kiss goodnight" fireworks show

Grand Carnivale is a "festival of color, unlike any other" and runs daily at Worlds of Fun through August 4th.

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